POK M230A high flow grade

Name:POK M230A high flow grade


Acting South Korea Hyosung new engineering plastics POK (polyketone) The following is the performance of POK

Features of POKETONE

Here you can understand how POKETONE is structured.

  • High impact resistance

    Compared with the original engineering plastic material nylon and PBT, the impact resistance is 2.3 times stronger.

  • High chemical resistance

    POKETONE is the most resistant to chemicals in plastic materials.

    In particular, since hydrolysis resistance is excellent, physical property changes due to moisture hardly occur.

  • High wear resistance

    POKETONE is 14 times more wear resistant than the existing most reinforced material polyacetal (POM) (based on resin raw materials),
    It is a semi-permanent material and does not require part replacement.

  • High barrier properties: gas barrier properties

    POKETONE's gas barrier is the best among existing polymer materials,
    The same level as EVOH used as food packaging materials

  • High flame retardancy

    When POKETONE burns, the ketone (C=O) gas reacts with hydrogen to form water, and the ruthenium layer cuts off oxygen and heat, thus being flame retardant.
    → Compared with nylon, it can save 50% of flame retardant content (reference V0 grade).







High mobility

Fuel cover, wheel hub and other appearance parts